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Foot & Ankle Pain

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Your feet and ankles are complex structures that enable you to move and bear weight. They are made up of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels that must work synchronously. When any of these components is injured or damaged, you suffer from foot and ankle pain. Marin Regenerative Health offers regenerative solutions to heal your injuries and alleviate pain without drugs or surgeries.

No Surgeries, No Drugs

Conventional medicine primarily relies on drugs and surgeries to deal with chronic pain, but we have a better alternative — regenerative medicine. Our medical providers diagnose and treat the root cause of foot and ankle pain using non-opioid and non-surgical treatments that stimulate natural healing and regeneration, helping you lead a pain-free life without relying on medications just to get through the day.

Causes of Foot & Ankle Pain

Arthritic Conditions

Arthritis is a general term for a group of conditions that cause inflammation and pain in the joints. There are many different types of arthritis, but the two most common types that affect the feet and ankles are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions can weaken the cartilage surrounding the joints, leading to increased foot and ankle pain.

Biomechanical Problems

Biomechanical problems are any abnormalities in the way the foot functions. They can be caused by an injury, overuse, or a structural problem. Some common biomechanical problems that cause foot and ankle pain include flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, the large tendon at the back of the ankle. It is often caused by overuse, such as too much running. Symptoms include pain and stiffness in the Achilles tendon and sometimes a creaking or cracking sound.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are common injuries often caused by rolling or twisting the ankle. This can occur when playing sports, walking on uneven ground, or stepping in a hole. Symptoms include pain, swelling, and bruising around the ankle.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are small cracks in the bones and are often caused by repetitive stress on the bone, such as from running or jumping. Symptoms include pain that worsens with activity and sometimes swelling or bruising.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot. It is often caused by overuse, such as too much running. Symptoms include pain and stiffness in the bottom of the foot and sometimes burning or prickling sensations.


Bursitis is a condition that results from the inflammation of the bursa. A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac that cushions between bones and tissues. Bursitis can be caused by overuse, repetitive stress, or an injury.

Treatments for Foot & Ankle Pain

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a modern, non-invasive option for treating ED and musculoskeletal problems. It uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate natural cellular regeneration for faster healing of injured tissues. Unlike traditional treatments, shockwave therapy is pain-free, drug-free and offers a cutting-edge, natural solution. Its non-invasive approach makes it a safer and more comfortable option for patients seeking a more natural way to treat their medical conditions.

PRP Injections

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a type of injection that can promote natural healing. The plasma is derived from your own blood and contains growth factors that can repair and regenerate tissues. PRP injections are often used for tendon and ligament injuries.

Treatment With Growth Factors

Treatment with growth factors is nature’s repairmen. They can morph into any type of cell, which allows them to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. Growth factors therapy is a new and exciting treatment showing great promise for various conditions, including foot and ankle pain.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Chiropractors use various techniques to help relieve pain, including adjustments, manipulation, and massage.


Orthobiologics are biological materials that promote healing, such as growth factors and certain proteins. They can be derived from the patient’s own body, from animals, or from donor tissues. Orthobiologics are often used in conjunction with other treatments, such as PRP injections or treatment with growth factors.

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Marin Regenerative Health is an integrated regenerative clinic specializing in non-opioid and non-surgical pain management. We believe you deserve to lead a pain-free and comfortable life without having to rely on a bunch of medications. The human body is a powerful machine capable of remarkable feats of regeneration, and we harness these natural healing capabilities to address the root cause of your symptoms. Please schedule an appointment to explore your foot and ankle pain options in Novato, CA.

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