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We value our patients’ experience at Marin Regenerative Health. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to submit your review to one of our social media pages or email us on our contact page.

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I'm feeling so renewed & positive about my surgery free future. I truly believe that my care is important to everyone there.

Kila R.

Coming into Dr. Scharf's care has been a catalyst for me to renew a healthy lifestyle. It's amazing how many different aspects of my life it has shifted for the better. She is remarkably kind and gentle, yet strong and inspiring.

Veronica N.

I have had Parkinson's Disease for ten years, and when I first started to see Dr. Sarah, I was physically uncomfortable just about all day every day. Today, I feel much better and the constant pain and discomfort is gone.

Matt R.

Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Sarah, I have had such good results that I have become an enthusiastic speaker for the practice. Intuitive and sensitive miracle worker!!!

Birgit J.

I just LOVE Dr. Sarah and so do my kids. She is intelligent, intuitive, compassionate, and very real. She LOVES what she does, but I don't feel like I'm getting the constant sales pitch. She uses her skills to bring real change to your body. I can't recommend her enough!

Elizabeth V.

Dr. Sarah Scarff is truly a gifted healer in every way! I am a very sensitive person and Sarah always takes the time to tune in to me and my specific needs. Thank you for helping me alleviate my back pain. What a gift to our community!

Elizabeth S.

After being under the care of Dr. Sarah my intuition about my own body has improved, and my consciousness of the way I treat it. Also, as a yoga teacher I have become more aware of the muscular structure and imbalances in my students and can thank the influence of Dr. Sarah's conscious, holistic awareness and approach to health and the body.

Maura T.

All is good under the hands of Dr. Scharf. The touch, the temperament and the ability are a winning combo to put anyone on the road to wellness.

Jennifer H.

Dr. Sarah Scharf takes her time with each person and gets to know you and your body. Sarah is consistently kind and welcoming and will speak her professional opinion honestly and give you tools to promote your own healing. She has helped me so much that I recommend her to all of my clients, from the skeptical to the fearful.

Jeanie L.

Sarah really helps you to understand what's going on with your body on a deep level, and how that's directly related to your overall sense of clarity and integrity, from the inside, out.

Fay W.

My physical health is infinitely better today, as compared to 10 months ago. This - without a doubt - has been a worthy investment in myself!

Amy P.

I always feel like it's a treat in my week to step into such a peaceful setting and with such a healing and optimistic yet real person, deeply experienced and truly amazing.

Karlyn L.

Being in Sarah's care has been a gift as I now mountain bike, hike, work in the yard and do just about every normal activity you can think of.

Kenneth W.

I won't go anywhere else, ever again. Dr. Sarah seems to have found the root of my problem instead of putting a bandaid on it.

Stephanie G.

Dr Scharf is 100% committed to your total well being. I've had blood pressure and heart issues in the past and Dr Sarah was adamant she could help me... and she has!

Dana F.

Dr Sarah emphasized being in touch with your body and listening to what it is telling you. She works with you to get you back enjoying life. My back pain is gone, I have more range of motion with my neck, I don't rely on pain pills to get through the day or sleeping pills to get through the night.

Russel H.

I cannot possibly recommend Dr. Sarah highly enough for anyone... young/old, sick/healthy, active/passive... Her treatment will give you a renewed sense of energy, health and focus in your life that you may not have known was attainable.

Michael S.

Dr. Sarah really does care about my wellness, I'm not just a number. She has a beautiful spirit and knowledgeable hands.

Evan G.

Dr Sarah’s sensitivity, intuitiveness and sense of humor are combined perfectly with her expertise and professionalism. Her chiropractic office is like an oasis, very peaceful and healing.

Christie W.

Dr Scharf’s studio is a standard to which other centers for healing could aspire. You can expect to be greeted by a warm heart, listened to by a sharp mind, and to feel safe and supported by conscious hands.

Matthew B.
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